Happiness is what you make it

Have you ever wondered why two people fall in love?  Was it love at first sight? Or did time seal their love? What is it that makes that spark? I remember my first boyfriend, I was eleven. His name was Victor and he lived across the street from me. His dad got transferred to England and I never saw him again but there was that spark. Mom called it puppy love. Never understood that one and still don’t. What did a puppy have to do with it? I was heartbroken when he left. I had broke up with him right before he left. His sister was my best friend and she told me I had really hurt him. I guess that’s why I do beach weddings. Maybe I want every woman to find her Victor and walk across the sand to him. Not be silly and break up for no reason other than being young and dumb. Of course I was only eleven and not really capable of making complex decisions about relationships but I still remember him and I think I always will. I still have his sister’s postcard she sent me from England. Sometimes I have wondered what it would be like to see Victor again. I hope he found love and has a family of his own. Good night Vic

Groundhog postpones the wedding..WHAT???

You really have to ask yourself if a small furry animal could have such an impact on our climate?Would brides and grooms listen to people who claim they can interpret what an animal is thinking? How do they know if he saw he shadow or not? How does he communicate with them, telepathy? No one really knows but there are several more weeks of winter. The start of Spring has come and gone and it’s still snowing in the upper forty eight. Dang. We had three nights of freezing weather in Alabama which was unpleasant for beach weddings. We had a couple and I was cold. Brides were shivering in strapless dresses. Which brings me to another point. Why wear a strapless dress when you know it’s going to be cold? Why not add a cute short jacket or fur? There are plenty of fake fur lookalikes out there for the squeamish, me being one of them. But seriously is it worth it to have a frozen upper torso? I’m in a jacket so you know it’s freezing. I don’t get cold as a rule. Just very warm natured. My dad’s like that. So for all you brides who come down here and it gets chilly, plan ahead. Don’t be cold be warm and happy. We can still get pictures of you without the topper just be warm and comfy during the ceremony. Grooms for the most part have body hair so they’re okay. Looking forward to seeing all you soon.

Who’s the groomzilla and is there such a thing???

I’ve been in the beach wedding business for a long time. Fourteen years to be exact. I was a wedding singer before that. So yes I love this. Best job in the world. But wait something new has come into being that puts a shudder through everyone. Move over bridezillas make room for the groomzilla. Who would have believed it? A man who thinks the wedding should be all about him. I’m had two bridezillas and two groomzillas in my career and it’s been a difficult process to deal with. Bridezillas are terrible and thank goodness we only have to endure them for a short time but honey hold on tight because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Groomzillas, take bridezilla and multiply by 10. Groomzilla wants all eyes on him, never mind the bride. She doesn’t matter he’s the star of this show. I’ve had a groomzilla who wanted his own rose petals to walk down the aisle with. I’m not kidding! That was awkward. One insisted on wearing white even though it was his eighth wedding. Yes that’s the number 8. The bride wore pink, it was her fourth. So these people do exist and you simply have to carry on. I hope each and everyone of them make it but some how it seems doomed. If only they could see how others see them, but would it help?

The bride shines regardless, she looks so beautiful she is radiant.

On Saturday the beach wasn’t in the best shape. The weather channel was predicting heavy thunderstorms for that day and it wasn’t looking real positive for sun. Well there was no sun at all. Not even close. But it’s good luck for rain on your wedding day. Or at least that’s what my grandmother told me. I met the bride at the agreed on spot and she followed me to the spot. She looked gorgeous in a one strap chiffon coral gown. The bride and groom both had children from previous marriages and both children attended the beach wedding. The children were both girls and wore dresses that were flattering, also super cute! The groom wore khakis and a white shirt, normal groom attire for the beach. Love it! They were a pleasant couple and easy going with a happy look on life. The wind was whipping everyone’s hair and we positioned the bride so her hair flowed behind her. No bride wants her hair in her face when saying I do. Most of the time I recommend brides wear their hair up or back, away from their face. It makes it easier for vows and pictures because it’s not on their mind. Wish you could have been there for their special day. Hoping to see all of you out there one day with smiles on your faces.

With fall approaching come the Gulf Coast and say I Do!

I felt it this morning the crispness in the air. beach weddings You should be out at the beach when the sun rises and sets. Really beautiful. Beach weddings are still plentiful around here. Gone are the tourists and hustle and bustle of traffic. Here are quiet days and white sand horizons. Walk on the beach all day and barely see a soul. At sunset there are even fewer people on the beach and perfect for you to get married on the beach. What to wear? Wear whatever your heart’s desire. Who to invite? Whoever you want. Remember this is your day and you can do just about whatever you please. The bride will look lovely and the groom filled with smiles. So much love. Make your way down to the Gulf and walk across the sand to the one you want to say “I do” to. The time year is also the perfect time to elope and leave your troubles behind you. Come to the peace and serenity of the beach. Watch the water dance!

Easter 2014 was a great day for rabbits and weddings.

I’ve done many beach weddings on Easter or the Saturday before. It is always fun with lots of happy spring colors for bridesmaids dresses. Flower girls are decked out in the prettiest little frocks with matching rose petals to toss walking down the aisle.easter wedding. This year Easter was on March 30 rather than in April. It has been a while since Easter was in March but it is nice to have it early. March roared in like a lion in the north. It was already starting to get nice here. I know most of you were wondering when it started getting pleasant here. Generally around the first of March. It can be a little rainy and we have been known to have breezy conditions but not really cold. Although this year we did have a freeze for 3 days before Easter. The beach has been beautiful in the winter and early Spring. The water is so pretty during this time and the sun sets right on the water. This is the only time of year that it does. The rich oranges and pinks look striking at sunset. So dears I’m hoping to see all of you soon on the beach in your spring dresses. See you soon.

Only call if you want a wedding in Gulf Shores but not solicitors please

Wow having a business that does beach weddings is great but you know what is not so great? beach weddings Telephone solicitors. They call constantly and never stop. Always trying to sell you something. When will it end? Mostly it’s people from out of the country which is weird. Really thick accents I can’t understand or place country of origin but gosh I wish they would go away. It stinks. And they always want to sell you something you don’t need or want. What’s up with that? Who would want to advertise on tv that’s only seen by college students? What college student ever watches tv? I thought most college were either studying or playing video games. Then there’s the obnoxious telemarketer who tries to bully you into listening to him.. I have a whistle for that guy. Bet he doesn’t call again. One person I know uses an air horn. Nice one. But don’t despair friends. We all get them and can’t get rid of them. What a bummer. Maybe in the future we can delete them with a button like a button on the computer. Then they can go into cyber space and we can be done with them. So let’s all get rid of them any way we can. You know what I mean.

Come to the sugar white shores of Alabama and get married on the beach

Everyday I receive calls and emails from a bevy of brides, excited about their special day, lots of questions, and lots of nerves. Gulf Shores beach weddings Ladies don’t feel alone it’s perfectly natural. Don’t let it get to you too much. You’re in good hands. Let’s start with what we need to do first. The first thing is decide where you want to have your wedding. Think about space. That is how much space are you going to need to pull off your beach wedding. Let’s just say about 35 people have rsvp’d. Just a medium amount. (By the way only about two thirds will make it. Just a little FYI.) You need to take in consideration where everyone will park. If you’re in an area where parking is no object then great. No worries there. And you can find these areas with help from your wedding coordinator. Always ask them what they think as most have been in business for some time and can give you honest evaluations of the amount of space you will require for your wedding. Remember the beach is public but most people will respect your special day and give you the space you need. However don’t think that because people have decided to give you the space that you can abuse it. You must also be a brave bride and resist. You can do it.

April Showers Bring May Weddings

Oh wow has it been a whirlwind or what?  Is everyone ready for this wedding season? It seemed like the season got off to a slow start. Maybe it was the horrible weather in the northern part of the country. Down here it was great but up there it was really cold. I think alot of people weren’t really prepared for what Mother Nature had in store. After all because of global warming it’s been pretty mild up north. Making beach weddings doable. Now I’m sure it wasn’t cheap to heat the home and businesses not to mention the dreaded sequester. So hopefully people’s lives have got back on track and we’ll start seeing more brides and grooms heading to the Gulf Coast of Alabama to say I do. At least that is what I’m hoping. May has become the new June for down here because of the beautiful weather we experience here and there’s not as many tourists here in May. Most children are finishing up the school year so they’re not going to be coming down here until school’s out so it opens up the door for people to come down here and have the wedding they’re always wanted without the crowds.

And now for a little sunshine and a wedding to remember

Sometimes I think this crazy rainy weather is never going away. Seriously what’s up with this wet sog-bottomed mess? My brides and grooms are wishing for better weather but not letting it dampen their spirits. Have faith because July, the wettest month, is finally over. It’s been a long time coming. I remember having a wedding on July 3 and it was raining all around us. And the bride was running late which is normal. I don’t know when the last time I started a wedding on time but I plan for it. Makes sense when you think about it. This bride’s grandmother had the wedding at the home which was right on the Gulf. They had it catered by some wonderful folks who did a great job despite the rain. They worked hard to make their special day the best it could be regardless of the circumstances. So nice to see people still dedicated to their jobs. I know many of you are thinking I seem a little mushy but I still love my job. It’s the best one in the world. I hope everyone can have a job they enjoy as much as mine. Well I guess it time for me to stop rambling. you know how I am and bid you all good night and beach wedding dreams.