real or fake at gulf shores weddings

I’m talking about bouquets for your Gulf Shores weddings. Over the years of doing weddings I’ve noticed different trends in bridal bouquets.gulf shores weddings with a guitar player For a while we had cascading bouquets which are nice but can be quite cumbersome on the beach. Then we started having hand tied bouquets which became smaller with time. This trend seems to be lasting longer than I thought it would. Hand tied bouquets seem to be lasting the test of time. I’ve got to say I really do prefer them on the beach. One advantage of your Gulf Shores weddings they have is they are lightweight and easy to manage when walking down the aisle. I’ve also noticed these beautiful bouquets being made not only from fresh flowers but also silk and burlap. The burlap flowers are particularly appealing on the beach by adding to the natural look of your theme. Now burlap comes in many floral colors. Silk is nice also because silk flowers don’t wilt in heat and wind. On our resources page we have a listing of a florist in gulf shores if you prefer live flowers in your bouquet if. And even order silk bouquets online. I get this question often, do silk flowers look like real flowers? No the don’t but they look as close to real as you’re going to find. And they last for years if you take care of them.

Bring your boat for a wedding on the beach

When getting married in gulf shores don’t forget to bring your boat. If you have a boat or jet ski this area is perfect for both of them. If you have a smaller but you can take it on the intercoastal waterway.playing in the surf If you both love to fish this is a great place to go or if you like to ski or just taken the scenery. If you have a bigger boat you can go out in the Gulf of Mexico and go deep sea fishing. Bring back some red snapper for me! After a day on the water why not relax by walking down to the water and having your wedding on the beach. Whether it’s just the two of you or with family and friends you will find this area to be very friendly with plenty to do for everyone. Imagine waking up in the morning and taking the boat out for a day of sightseeing. The dolphins will swim right beside your boat jumping out of the water to the delight of your family. They are the clowns of the sea and will entertain you by raising your boat. Make sure not to interact with them as this is against the law. Bring plenty of sunscreen and use it often so you don’t get burned. Make sure to have plenty of refreshments to keep herself hydrated. We can even do a wedding on an island if you have the boat. There are several islands in the intercoastal waterway that we could have your ceremony on. Just pick one. What ever you choose will have a great day on the water or a quiet one beside the shore.

get married on the beach and go to the zoo

Are you an animal lover and want a gulf shores beach wedding? If so we have a great zoo in gulf shores Alabama. There is everything from lemur and kangaroo encounters to playing with tiger cubs. What a great encounter to have an ban ball down to the beach and get married. soft sunsets warm kissesWe’ve had some couples that did just that. They both loved animals and had children from previous marriages. The entire family went to the same and had a wonderful time. They got to meet a lot of interesting animals including playing with baby tiger cubs. The kids really loved it, it was so exciting for them to see a wild animal as a baby. Then that afternoon we all walked down to the beach together and had a ceremony on the sand. While you are here you will also see pelicans flying overhead and a V formation, with their graceful wings outstretched flying on the gentle currents of air. If you’re in one of the condominiums the fly right by your windows and it’s a great experience to share. You can also see dolphins early in the morning out hunting their breakfast, but delicious fish fresh from the Gulf of Mexico. Or sometimes you can find stingrays gliding silently through the water. You’re sure to have a wonderful time at your beach wedding with so much to do and so much to see. Make sure to bring your camera for plenty of pictures to bring home and showed your family and friends.

It’s warm and time for a winter wedding on the beach

The weather outside is inviting for a Gulf Shores wedding. We’re in the seventies here in Alabama. It’s the perfect time to come down and walk across the sand of the person you care about the most. save the dateIf you’ve already popped the question, why not take a small trip to the gulf coast of Alabama? You’ll find bargains galore on accommodations. Discount prices are quite available this time of year. You’ll pay a fraction of the price you will pay in the summer. There will be many places to choose from. Everything from a house to a condominium to a hotel, let your fingers do the walking through the Internet. On our website make sure to check out the resources page, a valuable page to help you find the resources you’ll need for your ceremony. With sand the color of snow you will feel like you’re in a winter wonderland except it’s not cold. Maybe you want to come down and renew your vows. We do vow renewals for those couples who have been married before but want to express their love in a different and unique way. Romance will be sure to blossom while you were here. Check out some of the unique restaurants we have for that dinner for two. Light the candles to her heart while sharing a meal prepared by the top chefs in the area. Walk down to the sand to your beach wedding of a lifetime.

Come have a Christmas beach wedding with us

A beach reading and Gulf Shores at Christmas would be great this time of year. We have beautiful weather might now so why not grab the family and make your way down to the Southern Alabama. Its 74 degrees outside which is fantastic for a wedding. come down to the beachYour family and friends would tell you to do the same thing. Why not elope to Alabama? How romantic for just the two of you to come into town get married and be back home for Christmas! Walk and two Christmas dinner with rings on your hands. While you’re here enjoy some of the great outdoor activities and don’t forget to visit The Wharf. They have plenty of live entertainment there every night. Grab a condominium with the balcony looking over the Gulf of Mexico. When you wake up in the morning you’ll be looking at the waves rolling in. Don’t be surprised to see dolphins playing in the surf. Have your coffee and enjoy the scenery. Most of the terrorist are gone except for the snowbirds so you’ll enjoy the beach to yourselves. A lot of the condominiums have grills so why not have a couple steake after your beach wedding or go to one of the many restaurants in the area. We’re looking for a day helping you when you’re special day so give us a call. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Get married in gulf shores and learn to ice skate

Getting married in Gulf Shores can be a really exciting experience but there’s another little place named Orange Beach Alabama. It’s a great place to have the beach when. Especially this time of year in December. my wish on a star fishWhile you’re here may I suggest learning how to ice skate. I know you don’t normally think of Southern Alabama and ice skating but at The Wharf parity as an ice skating rink setup this time every year. It’s really a lot of fun for all ages. Orange Beach offers some wonderful places to stay and during the winter you can find great deals on condominiums and houses. Or you can stay in one of the lovely hotels that we have in this area with the Island House Hotel being one of the best hotels to stay at and is wedding friendly. You could stay there with your family and friends and have you waiting right there on the beach. So all you have to do is ride the elevator down to the beach and walk across the sand to the love of your life. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Talk about stress free! And isn’t that what we all want? December has highs in the sixties which is comfortable. You can have your wedding any time of day but I would suggest about three are four in the afternoon. You’ll enjoy lovely views from the balcony of your condominium and windswept beaches. Walking onto the beach without a lot of people there is one that you will treasure for a long time.

Planning to get married in Gulf Shores

If you’re planning your beach wedding in Gulf Shores may I suggest that you start now. Wedding season begins January 1. I know a lot of you may think, wow that’s early, but its true. romance in the sandBridal shows will be underway everywhere in the country and I’m sure that you will go to many of them. Although it can be overwhelming keep your purse closed. Before you do anything plan your budget for your beach wedding. Your biggest expense will probably be a place to stay while you’re here in Alabama. May I suggest a condominium, the beach house or town house. A place to stay should be your first thought. There are some dates to be aware of and they are as follows, The Hangout Music Fesrival about mid May, July 4, Memorial Day, and the second weekend in October which is the shrimp festival. A place to stay will go up considerably because of these events. Plan your wedding date carefully when thinking about these times of the year. While it can be a great time to play for a fun filled honeymoon please remember the more expensive prices for these times of year. You want your wedding on the beach to be relaxing and not stressful. Some of the best times a year to come down here will be any time in May before Memorial Day and after July 4. June tends to be extremely busy here so plan accordingly. Please make sure to visit all the pages on the web site to help them you make decisions about your ceremony. These pages are important and we’ll give you a lot of information that you will need.

Let your dreams take you to a beach wedding in Alabama

We’re getting a lot of Alabama brides iguana Gulf Shores beach wedding beside the water with their toes and the sand. When you consider all the amenities that come with this area it’s hard to go wrong here. young romanceWhile many family members are gonna be coming to celebrate your special day they are also gonna be coming to have a little getaway of their own. As far as vacationing you can do a lot of things on this beach. And imagine the first thing you do as husband and wife is goes zip lining together. It’s become the latest rage for brides and grooms in the area. There’s a zip line that you can see the Gulf of Mexico and brides and grooms are flocking to it to get their pictures taken as they zip along screening all the way. Another popular idea is to go on a sunset cruise on a sailboat. How romantic! Could you imagine you and the one you love most gliding along the water watching the sunset and the Dolphins’ playing in the water? Make sure to take your camera so that all your friends will be exceedingly jealous. Just teasing. But there are some really unique things that you can do that you won’t find in other areas but you will find here. It’s fun to do these together for the first time as husband and wife you really making memories that will last you a lifetime. Things that you can share with your children and grandchildren about how you got married on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama.

An October beach wedding in Gulf Shores

This year in October a Gulf Shores beach wedding can be a beautiful event.  The weather is just perfect with milder temperatures and scenic in blue If you’ve never been to Alabama on the coast you will be pleasantly surprised with which you find there. Beautiful white sand beaches and Caribbean style water waiting for you to walk down the aisle and say I do. This area has so much to offer compared to the larger touristy areas. An October the season is considered a over, actually the season is over after Labor Day. So there’s not a lot of people on the beach we do have some locals here still but all of the people who came for their vacation have since left. One thing that I think all of you will enjoy when you come to gulf shores is if you are in the mood for shrimp in October then gulf shores is the place for you. If you have your wedding during the shrimp festival you will enjoy not only get married on the beach but also some of the most delicious seafood to be found on the Gulf coast. During the shrimp festival we also have world class entertainment as well as some of the most beautiful arts and crafts to be found in the southeast. What a great way to spend a honeymoon in Alabama. Who would’ve thought that? So don’t delay and call us today. We look forward to helping you make your ceremony not only a memorable event for both of you but also fun and heartwarming.

Getting married on the beach in Gulf Shores with questions?

When having your Gulf Shores beach wedding you will have many questions and one of the best ways to get your questions answered is to check out the website and read all of the pages. just marriedThis small task will empower you with a lot of knowledge that you can use to help you get all your little wedding ducks in a row. With the information you will get from the website you will be able to have everything done and have less to be concerned about. And we all know how important that can be to a couple who have many questions on their mind. One of the first things is to call and make sure that we have your date available. After you reserve your date the next thing to think about is where you’re going to stay. Make sure to have a budget that you plan on sticking two because it could majority of your budget will be going to your lodging. Nine times out of 10 most couples spend more on the places that they’re going to stay and they do on their wedding. This is perfectly normal. Take a lot of thought into what you are trying to get out of the place you’re going to be staying for the few days that you are here. Most of the web sites are going to have pictures including your beach access area on their site. Remember that not all hotels are condominiums or houses will permit weddings on the beach so always make sure to ask.