Looking for a place to stay

Ok so now you need to find lodging, accommodations, hotels, condos, tents. romance in the sand What? No tents. You can’t get ready in a tent, no way. It can’t be done. But you do need to find a place. Where to stay can also depend on the number of people coming to your wedding. There’s a lot to take into consideration. So let’s begin. If it’s just going to be a small wedding like just the two of you or under ten people you may want to consider a condo or hotel. This way you keep it easy and hopefully inexpensive. Most condos are about the same price as a hotel room but with so much more amenities. Think apartment If there more than twenty five people coming you may want to consider a beach house. What great about doing this is you can have your reception right there. Be careful about trying to get a beach house. Some areas don’t like the idea of having a wedding next door because sometimes (that’s sometimes) guests at weddings get out of control and then the police are called and everything gets scary. Please remember you’re not the only people on the beach and be respectful of others

Share the beach and be kind to the bride and groom

Had a beautiful wedding this weekend. Really nice. We had a moment of silence for the father and grandfather who had passed away. Both bride and groom were some of the sweetest people ever. The families and friends were very polite. The new design I created for the bride turned out great and the rose petals matched the grooms tie. Everything was going fine. And then the rude women floated up. I had asked them to move over so their pictures wouldn’t be in the wedding and they just sat there not doing anything. I kept motioning over by making sweeping movements with my hands but they didn’t seem to care. I know you can’t force people to make room for a wedding but every time I’ve ever asked for some room before I never had a problem but not today. They stayed there the whole time. Fortunately my photographer is very skilled and these women were not in any of the pictures. But where was their kindness? Do they not understand that they were in the way? What’s up with that, I mean come on move it already. Like I said I didn’t speak their language or I would have explained it to them politely. When in Rome…

Stephanie’s Hawaiian beach wedding, so happy i cried

Spent some time with my friend Stephanie.We’ve known each other for years. It seems like just yesterday Steve appeared. Of course being a good friend I watched his mannerisms today Steph, just to make sure he was sincere. Like most couples they’ve had their moments but always turned out great. Compromise is the key from both sides. You got to give a little to get a little. They started out making all decisions together, which is important. If you start it from the beginning you’ll be more prone to keep it up. Anyway we were watching her picture cd on the big screen listening to an orchestra play classic rock, which is so cool. I loved the destination, Hawaii. The area where they got married was on the top of a small cliff overlooking the Pacific, the most picturesque beach wedding ever. The top of the cliff was sandy with tall palm trees which made great shade with some sun peaking through. She said the weather is paradise, not too hot. She found a great little condo on VRBO. Love that place, you can really pin point what you’re looking for, too easy. It was more of a duplex and they had a clear path down to the beach. The price was amazingly reasonable making it a great value for a destination wedding

Spring break over my wedding

Yes it’s that time of year when all the spring breakers go home. Hurray!!! Don’t get me wrong I love the ones that come down here to visit our beautiful beaches and do so respectfully but the others really need to get a grip and stay away forever. I’ve never had an incident while I was doing a beach wedding but it is something that is on my mind every year. I’ve had some drunk students threaten to but I was able to reason with them (law enforcement) and they quieted down. Except for that one wedding I did in Destin and the Brazilians were there wearing thongs and they were men. That was fun. I thought the bride was going to keel over. I felt for her. The good thing was that it did happen at the end of her wedding. Could have been worse. Gulf Shores spring breakers seem to be a well behaved bunch. I’ve never had an issue over there. Maybe it’s just such a laid back atmosphere. I’ve seen folks partying and enjoying themselves on the beach but not being obnoxious. Now the beach is quieter and more calmed down with everyone gearing up for the Mullet Toss. Always wanted to do a mullet beach wedding. Just the sound of it brings forth interesting attire. Mullet shaped headdress for the bride. Grooms in fishing gear. Fish nets. Sounds like fun to me

Don’t be a drunk at a beach wedding be polite and wait until the correct time

So you all know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen it before. You’re invited to a beach wedding and you’re stepping on the sand, thinking to yourself how refreshing. Until you hear that laugh or howl of someone who started drinking way too early and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks before the alcohol has given this person the courage to do almost anything. So be prepared. What’s really sad is no one knows how to address the issue. Do you just let it go and pretend it’s not happening? Does someone say something to the person who is intoxicated? Does anything work? Unfortunately nothing really works. The person in question probably knows they won’t get kicked out of the wedding regardless of what they do so that’s the reality. Dang! I’m seen some real flaming drunks before but not too many. Most people are just tipsy and not really causing issues. They might be smiling more than usual. So that’s okay. I like people who are smiling and enjoying the wedding and the beach. It’s when they start grabbing me is when I have to step away. We had one drunk guy who knocked over the arch in the middle of the wedding but everyone just took it in stride and we all just smiled and carried on

May is right around the corner are you ready to get married in 2015?

Getting ready for a beach wedding in May? You’ve come to the right place and the weather is getting warmer. We’re sure you’re excited at the idea of coming to the Alabama Gulf Coast and walking on the white sand. It’s the best place in the world. We have many beach wedding packages for you to choose the one that will fit your needs. From the small and intimate to the family size we are here to help you make the right decision. There are so many places too. Gulf Shores for the larger parties and Orange Beach is great for smaller parties. Whatever beach you choose we will help you pick your beach. Just pick up your cell phone and dial our number. We are open seven days a week from nine in the morning until seven at night, and there is an answering machine to take your calls if you call after hours. We get back to you within twenty four hours or less. e are ready to serve you and want your business.

How to get a marriage license to get married on the beach in Alabama

So you’ve decided to get married in the great state of Alabama. Consider staying in Orange Beach. It’s a great place, smaller than Gulf Shores but alot of fun. Go to Cosmos or Cobalt restaurant. Both are yummy. But hey now you need an Alabama marriage license. What’s that you say? You brought your own from your state. Unfortunately that won’t work. So you need to forget about it. To get married in any state you must obtain a marriage license from that state. There is no getting around that one. If someone tries to tell you that you can use your Louisiana marriage license in Alabama, do yourself a favor and run the other way because someone is trying to pull a fast one. Not cool. There is only one place you can get your marriage license in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area and that’s in Bay Minette the county seat in the area. I know some of you are going, dang but there is only one place and that’s it. But if you live in Alabama and are coming to the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach area you can go anywhere in the state of Alabama and get your marriage license and take it anywhere in the state of Alabama and get married. I know it sounds strange but it’s true. Ta daaaa!

My heart with alot pink bridesmaids and the couple in the middle, too cute

Recently I was checking my yahoo email and on the yahoo beach weddings home page was a picture of a bride and groom surrounds by a sea of pink bridesmaids posed in the shape of a heart. If that’s not an OMG moment I don’t know of one. At first I didn’t believe it, had to do a double take. Seriously. It just looked so cool I found myself just staring at the photo. I’ve had weddings with quite a few bridesmaids but this one took the cake. But you had to admire it. One thing really did stand out in all that pink and that was the color of the strapless gown. It wasn’t a light pink, this was rich color, a medium rosy pink. Almost like lipstick rosy pink. Usually pink would be a very overpowering color but it wasn’t like that. I also liked the cut of the dress. The dress could be flattering on every figure. you could even shorten it for a club look. You could even add straps. It was very versatile. The dress was an A line dress that stopped just under the bust with a band of fabric under the bust. The fabric looked like chiffon over satin underlining. Very flowing.

Happiness is what you make it

Have you ever wondered why two people fall in love?  Was it love at first sight? Or did time seal their love? What is it that makes that spark? I remember my first boyfriend, I was eleven. His name was Victor and he lived across the street from me. His dad got transferred to England and I never saw him again but there was that spark. Mom called it puppy love. Never understood that one and still don’t. What did a puppy have to do with it? I was heartbroken when he left. I had broke up with him right before he left. His sister was my best friend and she told me I had really hurt him. I guess that’s why I do beach weddings. Maybe I want every woman to find her Victor and walk across the sand to him. Not be silly and break up for no reason other than being young and dumb. Of course I was only eleven and not really capable of making complex decisions about relationships but I still remember him and I think I always will. I still have his sister’s postcard she sent me from England. Sometimes I have wondered what it would be like to see Victor again. I hope he found love and has a family of his own. Good night Vic

Groundhog postpones the wedding..WHAT???

You really have to ask yourself if a small furry animal could have such an impact on our climate?Would brides and grooms listen to people who claim they can interpret what an animal is thinking? How do they know if he saw he shadow or not? How does he communicate with them, telepathy? No one really knows but there are several more weeks of winter. The start of Spring has come and gone and it’s still snowing in the upper forty eight. Dang. We had three nights of freezing weather in Alabama which was unpleasant for beach weddings. We had a couple and I was cold. Brides were shivering in strapless dresses. Which brings me to another point. Why wear a strapless dress when you know it’s going to be cold? Why not add a cute short jacket or fur? There are plenty of fake fur lookalikes out there for the squeamish, me being one of them. But seriously is it worth it to have a frozen upper torso? I’m in a jacket so you know it’s freezing. I don’t get cold as a rule. Just very warm natured. My dad’s like that. So for all you brides who come down here and it gets chilly, plan ahead. Don’t be cold be warm and happy. We can still get pictures of you without the topper just be warm and comfy during the ceremony. Grooms for the most part have body hair so they’re okay. Looking forward to seeing all you soon.