Planning to get married in Gulf Shores

If you’re planning your beach wedding in Gulf Shores may I suggest that you start now. Wedding season begins January 1. I know a lot of you may think, wow that’s early, but its true. romance in the sandBridal shows will be underway everywhere in the country and I’m sure that you will go to many of them. Although it can be overwhelming keep your purse closed. Before you do anything plan your budget for your beach wedding. Your biggest expense will probably be a place to stay while you’re here in Alabama. May I suggest a condominium, the beach house or town house. A place to stay should be your first thought. There are some dates to be aware of and they are as follows, The Hangout Music Fesrival about mid May, July 4, Memorial Day, and the second weekend in October which is the shrimp festival. A place to stay will go up considerably because of these events. Plan your wedding date carefully when thinking about these times of the year. While it can be a great time to play for a fun filled honeymoon please remember the more expensive prices for these times of year. You want your wedding on the beach to be relaxing and not stressful. Some of the best times a year to come down here will be any time in May before Memorial Day and after July 4. June tends to be extremely busy here so plan accordingly. Please make sure to visit all the pages on the web site to help them you make decisions about your ceremony. These pages are important and we’ll give you a lot of information that you will need.

Let your dreams take you to a beach wedding in Alabama

We’re getting a lot of Alabama brides iguana Gulf Shores beach wedding beside the water with their toes and the sand. When you consider all the amenities that come with this area it’s hard to go wrong here. young romanceWhile many family members are gonna be coming to celebrate your special day they are also gonna be coming to have a little getaway of their own. As far as vacationing you can do a lot of things on this beach. And imagine the first thing you do as husband and wife is goes zip lining together. It’s become the latest rage for brides and grooms in the area. There’s a zip line that you can see the Gulf of Mexico and brides and grooms are flocking to it to get their pictures taken as they zip along screening all the way. Another popular idea is to go on a sunset cruise on a sailboat. How romantic! Could you imagine you and the one you love most gliding along the water watching the sunset and the Dolphins’ playing in the water? Make sure to take your camera so that all your friends will be exceedingly jealous. Just teasing. But there are some really unique things that you can do that you won’t find in other areas but you will find here. It’s fun to do these together for the first time as husband and wife you really making memories that will last you a lifetime. Things that you can share with your children and grandchildren about how you got married on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama.

An October beach wedding in Gulf Shores

This year in October a Gulf Shores beach wedding can be a beautiful event.  The weather is just perfect with milder temperatures and scenic in blue If you’ve never been to Alabama on the coast you will be pleasantly surprised with which you find there. Beautiful white sand beaches and Caribbean style water waiting for you to walk down the aisle and say I do. This area has so much to offer compared to the larger touristy areas. An October the season is considered a over, actually the season is over after Labor Day. So there’s not a lot of people on the beach we do have some locals here still but all of the people who came for their vacation have since left. One thing that I think all of you will enjoy when you come to gulf shores is if you are in the mood for shrimp in October then gulf shores is the place for you. If you have your wedding during the shrimp festival you will enjoy not only get married on the beach but also some of the most delicious seafood to be found on the Gulf coast. During the shrimp festival we also have world class entertainment as well as some of the most beautiful arts and crafts to be found in the southeast. What a great way to spend a honeymoon in Alabama. Who would’ve thought that? So don’t delay and call us today. We look forward to helping you make your ceremony not only a memorable event for both of you but also fun and heartwarming.

Getting married on the beach in Gulf Shores with questions?

When having your Gulf Shores beach wedding you will have many questions and one of the best ways to get your questions answered is to check out the website and read all of the pages. just marriedThis small task will empower you with a lot of knowledge that you can use to help you get all your little wedding ducks in a row. With the information you will get from the website you will be able to have everything done and have less to be concerned about. And we all know how important that can be to a couple who have many questions on their mind. One of the first things is to call and make sure that we have your date available. After you reserve your date the next thing to think about is where you’re going to stay. Make sure to have a budget that you plan on sticking two because it could majority of your budget will be going to your lodging. Nine times out of 10 most couples spend more on the places that they’re going to stay and they do on their wedding. This is perfectly normal. Take a lot of thought into what you are trying to get out of the place you’re going to be staying for the few days that you are here. Most of the web sites are going to have pictures including your beach access area on their site. Remember that not all hotels are condominiums or houses will permit weddings on the beach so always make sure to ask.

Get started on your wedding now

Having your Gulf Shores beach wedding in Alabama has never been easier or stressless then right now. Go of everything you’ve ever heard about weddings because this is gonna be when the simplest things you’ve ever done in your life. by the gulfDon’t let other people will view with their past experiences. This is the time for you to shine and be the star fish of your own beach wedding. Now that you’ve agreed to get married on the beach call us and let us help you make that dream come true on the white sand beaches of Alabama. And who would’ve thought Alabama would be so convenient for your bridal bliss. This is going to be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have. When the first things you need to think about is wary an Alabama to have your ceremony. The two best places would be Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. Both are very convenient to the beach. Both have plenty of houses, hotels and condominiums to choose from. You can really narrow it down with the specifications you need as far as accommodations. You’ll probably want to go for gulf front not gulf view. There is a huge difference and you’ll pay about the same price. I know it’s easy to get confused so remember this post to help you. When you go to the resources page on this web site you will find web addresses for commendations that are user friendly. Let your fingers do the walking and find the one perfect for you. You may want to consider a balcony that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Now that’s romantic.

Your 2015 beach wedding plans are coming up

I know many of you are excited and thinking about your beach wedding in gulf shores Alabama. vow renewalHowever there are some things you will need to know before you get married and one of the most important one’s is Alabama marriage license information. If you want to be married in the state of Alabama you will need to have an Alabama marriage license. You cannot bring another state’s marriage license into Alabama and use it. Most marriage licenses cannot be legal in another state. Once you obtain your Alabama marriage license you will receive a certified copy after you mail in your certified copy order form with your check or money order. In the state of Alabama you do not automatically receive a certified copy of your marriage license. However considering that a marriage license in the gulf shores area is only 30 to 35 dollars that’s very inexpensive. Certified copies are about 3 to 4 dollars each and easy to obtain. If please remember that state marriage license offices are only open Monday through Friday in closed all holidays. Some brides and grooms have chose to get married in their own state and come down here and have a beach wedding. What ever works best for you is the best way to go.

Your beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama baby

Well here it is 2014 and beach weddings are off to a dash to the altar. Make sure to check out the beach wedding packages for decorations and photography.  Fast and furious. No just kidding.yellow bridesmaids Lots of calls and questions. Do you do this, do you do that, etc. And the lists go on and on. One question that kept coming up was if I offered discounts to get married in the middle of the day. And I thinking what? Are you crazy? Let me tell you why that is a really bad idea. Starting in early spring, summer and late fall it gets really hot quick. And I’m talking in the blink of an eye. Gulf Shores beach weddings So imagine my surprise when there’s a large group of brides wanting this very thing. Most people think of the beach as being in a swimsuit on the beach enjoying the day. Maybe an umbrella and a cold drink. And of course you can get in the water and cool off. When you and your guests are dressed for a wedding there is no way to get in the water and cool off. At one time I did weddings during the day in the heat and swore to myself I would never watch people go through that again. It just wasn’t worth it. The wedding I remember most had people becoming ill because of the heat, especially the bride’s grandmother. What a nightmare this was. And that was it for me. No more! Yet there are some people out there who won’t tell brides of the dangers that can happen with this kind of wedding. Maybe it’s just about the money to them. Not me. Now way. Don’t want that kind of karma. It’s better to be safe and have a joyful wedding on the beach instead of an ambulance. But that’s just me.

Oh that wedding gown is so heavy

We had a beach wedding in Gulf Shores close to the Fort Morgan area. stnading up with the groomThe condominium was about 200 feet from the Gulf of Mexico. We got set up with her wedding package design that she had picked out for her ceremony, I had been up to the condominium and talk with her her, our bride, to see how her preparations were coming. Everything was proceeding as planned including all the wedding bouquets were here and the bridesmaids were preparing to line up for the wedding procession. We started the music and the bridesmaids and the grooms men walked down and took their places. Then we started the music for our bride and her father to walk down to us. From where I could see them everything seemed to be going just fine, they were walking through this and and there were smiles on everyone’s faces. Then the bride stopped. I was confused why was she stopping? Then I saw another man who turned out to be her uncle, running up to the bride and her dad. Her uncle to ocur arm on the other side and they started walking down to is again. The music had stopped playing by that time and I’ve restarted it. When they finally got down two as I could see what the problem was right away. Dad and the uncle had to pick her up by her arms Ann walker through the sand and because her Gann own was so heavy. It was a beautiful structured down but the weight of it proved to be an issue for her to walk through the sand. But she made it and we had the wedding. I’ve made sure she didn’t have to move at all during the posed pictures after the ceremony.

Looking for a place to stay

Ok so now you need to find lodging, accommodations, hotels, condos, tents.  What? No tents. You can’t get ready in a tent, no way. It can’t be done.sing it But you do need to find a place. Where to stay can also depend on the number of people coming to your wedding. There’s a lot to take into consideration. So let’s begin. If it’s just going to be a small wedding like just the two of you or under ten people you may want to consider a condo or hotel. This way you keep it easy and hopefully inexpensive. Most condos are about the same price as a hotel room but with so much more amenities. Think apartment If there more than twenty five people coming you may want to consider a beach house. What great about doing this is you can have your reception right there. Be careful about trying to get a beach house. Some areas don’t like the idea of having a wedding next door because sometimes (that’s sometimes) guests at weddings get out of control and then the police are called and everything gets scary. Please remember you’re not the only people on the beach and be respectful of others

Share the beach and be kind to the bride and groom

Had a beautiful wedding this weekend. Really nice. We had a moment of silence for the father and grandfather who had passed away. Both bride and groom were some of the sweetest people ever. my wish on a star fishThe families and friends were very polite. The new design I created for the bride turned out great and the rose petals matched the grooms tie. Everything was going fine. And then the rude women floated up. I had asked them to move over so their pictures wouldn’t be in the wedding and they just sat there not doing anything. I kept motioning over by making sweeping movements with my hands but they didn’t seem to care. I know you can’t force people to make room for a wedding but every time I’ve ever asked for some room before I never had a problem but not today. They stayed there the whole time. Fortunately my photographer is very skilled and these women were not in any of the pictures. But where was their kindness? Do they not understand that they were in the way? What’s up with that, I mean come on move it already. Like I said I didn’t speak their language or I would have explained it to them politely. When in Rome…